Christ Church SA is moving to two services starting March 26. 

8:30-9:45 First Service
9:45-10:45 Fellowship Time, Youth, and CE
11:00-12:15 Second Service

If you have any questions please contact us at

Christ Church Photo Gallery

"When Strivings Cease" Women's Bible Study

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Youth Paintball Night

Paintball 1paintball 8paintball 2paintball 3paintball 4paintball 6paintball 7paintball 9paintball 5

Youth Pumpkin Carving Event

Youth Ice Skating Event

Youth Ice Skating Event


ice skating 3

ice skating 1ice skating 2ice skating 4

CCSA Kids Church



Christ Church SA Christmas Choir

choir 2

choir 6

choir 7

Choir 1

choir 3

choir 5