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The Sanctity of Life in Exodus


Do we see sanctity of life as a whole picture? Do we see all the different sides and pieces of what it really means to be pro-life? Or do we only care about one? Here are some things we can do to promote the sanctity of human life......

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2018 Financial Update

At Christ Church, our ministry year has been especially rewarding......

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Five Kernels of Hope


My family had an odd Thanksgiving tradition. When my siblings and I were little, the night before Thanksgiving my parents would gather us into the smallest room in the house that we could all fit in (usually the laundry room), turned off the lights, sat on the floor, and lit a couple candles and we had a small meal of crackers, dried fruit and beef jerky....

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Common Grace

common grace

Common grace is any blessing of any degree, short of salvation, that the sin-cursed world enjoys at the hand of God....

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. This is a sadness in our world that has gripped many. Will and Lauren Young have been impacted by pregnancy and infant loss. Lauren has given us permission to repost some of her reflections on ways we can come alongside those among us who are grieving in this particular way. Here are five things NOT to say to someone wh...

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Helpers and Heroes


God honors women by calling them "helpers"...

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Praying Out Loud Together


Praying out loud together takes practice, and requires effort to work through the discomfort and distractions, but it is unquestionably a habit that will strengthen each of our individual spiritual walks as well as our communal faith....

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How Should We View the Six Days of Creation in Genesis 1?


In Genesis 1, we read about God creating the universe out of nothing. The creation of the world is said to take place over a span of six creative “days.” For centuries, there has been discussion and debate about how to interpret the “days” of Genesis 1. This discussion has only intensified in the past 200 years as modern scientists, especially in the areas of physi...

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What does it mean to be “Pro-Life?”


What are churches doing to preserve the lives not only of the unborn, but also of the poor, the orphan, the widow, the hungry, and the immigrant? Are we guilty of “neglecting or withdrawing lawful and necessary means of preservation of life” for some, while we advocate for the lives of the unborn? Our country needs vocal defenders of the unborn, but it also needs activ...

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The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About Social Justice


What is social justice? Should Christians advocate for social justice? Is it even a term that Christians should use?...

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