Bolivia Mission Team Report


Recently, a group of us from Christ Church San Antonio had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia and go, and make disciples, just as we are called to do in Matthew. We worked with the Church of Hebron in Oruro, Bolivia, and our team consisted of 80-100 people, because we had so many willing volunteers from the local church.

We were treated with such grace and hospitality by everyone we met in Bolivia. Not only were we given boundless gifts of snacks, puppets, and gloves, but the church workers prayed with us and for us, used their own cars to transport us from place to place, and cooked us many, many meals. The ladies who cooked these meals day in and day out said that it was one of the greatest honors of their lives to serve us. The greatest honor. Of their lives! To serve! We were all in agreement (and in tears) and decided that that was the most humbling moment of the trip. We so often get caught up in gaining glory, we forget that we are called to serve. And these sweet, sweet ladies reminded us that not only is it our calling, but it is an honor to serve God’s people. And they were not the only ones who showed us boundless love and hospitality. People offered up their homes so we could serve others with eyeglasses, medicine, and hair cuts, and let us use all of their space for a few days to help further the Kingdom of God.

We were able to help people in so many ways, from medical examinations to hair cuts to soccer games, as well as spiritual counseling. We hope that the seeds that were planted will continue to flourish, as nearly 600 people were served that week, and we had around 200 confessions of faith.

Thank you to everyone who supported us, whether that be financially or through prayers, we know that this was your mission field just as much as it was ours.


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