Leverage the Super Bowl for Mission


Super Bowl 52 will be played Sunday night in front of an audience of hundreds of millions of viewers. As the major sporting event in America, Super Bowl Sunday has basically become a national holiday (I remember when Christ Church met on Sunday evenings - Super Bowl Sunday certainly felt like a national holiday then!). 


You can assume most people in your life - neighbors, family, friends, co-workers - will gather to watch the game somewhere. This presents a great opportunity for Christians to love their neighbors. Any time in which most people in our spheres of influence will want to attend some sort of party, Christians have a missional opportunity. This is one of many ways that we can “be all things to all people” for the sake of the gospel (1 Cor. 9:22-23). What are some ways that you can leverage the Super Bowl for mission this year? Here are three very simple ways:


  1. Invite your neighbors over to watch, even if only for a half. Or, if your MCG is watching the game together, invite one or two other families in your orbit to join you. (P.S. - if you do this, DO NOT bait and switch them with a Bible study at half-time that you didn’t tell them about!)


  1. If you get invited by a neighbor or co-worker or friend to watch the game, GO! Remember, joining God’s mission is not necessarily something we need to add to our already swamped lives. It is simply living with prayerful intentionality in your current life grooves.


  1. Have really good food and drinks and show hospitality. This is a great time to smoke some meat, grill some great burgers, enjoy a nice glass of wine or a good craft beer, etc. It’s a wonderful thing for Christians to celebrate and enjoy life - and it is wonderful for those who are far from Jesus to see this. 


What are some other ways to join in God’s mission on Super Bowl Sunday, and develop friendships with those in our lives who do not know Jesus?


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