Mercy and Justice at Christ Church


The other week Luke preached from John 4 about Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. We heard about how drastically different she was from Nicodemus, the man Jesus had spoken with in chapter 3. Nicodemus was a man, she was a woman; Nicodemus was of pure Jewish descent, she was a Samaritan; Nicodemus was a meticulous keeper of the law, she was morally compromised; Nicodemus was successful and most likely well off, she was probably poor; Nicodemus was respected and upstanding, she was reviled and marginalized; most significantly however, Nicodemus sought out Jesus, but Jesus sought out this woman. In doing so, Jesus radically challenged the chauvinistic, racist, and legalistic barriers of his day.

This story should challenge us personally and as a church. We should ask ourselves, do we seek out those who Jesus sought, or just the people who make us feel comfortable? Do we pursue those our society considers undesirable or do we wait for the respectable people to come to us? Do we try to follow Jesus example in reaching across the divisions in our society, or do we draw comfort and security from those divisions?

Part of our vision at Christ Church San Antonio is to join in God’s mission. This means that as a Church, we strive together to bring Jesus glory by doing the work He has called us to do. Jesus commands his followers to love Him and love our neighbors - by which he meant whoever is in need of a good neighbor. There are many, many people in San Antonio who desperately need some good neighbors. There is much that can be done in our city to continue to do the compassionate work Jesus did among the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed, and the morally compromised. One way Christ Church follows Jesus in this mission is through our Mercy and Justice team.

The purpose of our Mercy and Justice team is to present opportunities to the people of Christ Church to follow Jesus in reaching across the divisions of our society to share the gospel, to show love, to serve, and to be good neighbors to those in our community who may resemble the Samaritan woman of John 4. We are currently planning events in the coming months where we will serve homeless families, children who have been removed from their homes, families facing hunger, and mothers dealing with crisis pregnancies.

We will announce more about each of these opportunities as we get closer to them, but I would like to invite anyone interested in being a part of the Mercy and Justice team to contact me at Please consider getting involved and being a part of how Christ Church joins in God’s mission to the poor and marginalized here in San Antonio


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