Songs of Summer

Throughout my life, certain songs have been representative of summertime. I can remember growing up and listening to the same song over and over as I enjoyed the relaxation of summer. To this day, when I hear an old "song of summer" I am taken back to earlier days.


Summer is ideally a time of slowing the pace of life. It is a time to take a vacation. It is a season for family time. It is a time for refreshment and recovery from the grind of a school year.


At Christ Church, this is our first summer together. It has been a crazy and busy year for us. Starting a new church will wear even the most energetic of us out. So, this summer we are planning to enter a season of refreshment, rest and reflection. We will spend July and August reflecting on some of the Bibles songs - the Psalms - together. The songs of the Bible are filled with every conceivable human emotion. Whatever you have been through in the past year or whatever is happening to you this summer, there is a song for you in the Bible. We would love for you to join us for the series, starting on July 6.



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