Christian Education

Christian Education

January 12th - April 5th at 9 am!


Children's Christian Education 

K-5th Grade

During Christian Education, children at Christ Church San Antonio learn about the character of God by studying the Westminster Confession of Faith using the First Catechism book. K-2nd graders are taught from the Beginning Kids Quest curriculum and 3-5th graders are taught from the Elementary Kids Quest curriculum. Children are encouraged to memorize and recite the questions from the First Catechism book each week. Each class has dedicated teachers for the semester.


Youth Christian Education 

6-8th Grade

Middle School students will be learning about the life, work, and teachings of Jesus Christ through a survey of the Gospels. Students will be encouraged to dive into the Word of God and read it for themselves to develop a hunger and thirst for it. If you're interested, you may read more about the Matthew to John study here. 


9-12th Grade

Contented or complaining? What’s the key to joy? How do I handle anxiety? Our High School students will be studying Philippians to answer these questions. Their curriculum is written by So What? Studies and can be found here.


Adult Christian Education

A Study in Covenantal Theology led by Will Young, Director of Community

What is the Bible about? Is it really just one story? How does it all fit together? What do circumcision, Levitical laws, and Israel’s exile have to do with me? Covenant Theology addresses these questions and more as we cover the basic outline of what the Bible is about, and how that helps us interpret and understand it better. We will do that by highlighting the major points when God steps into history and makes covenants with his people. Since much of the class will be drawn from Far as the Curse is Found by Michael D. Williams students may wish to order a copy to read. The class will begin covering chapter 1 on January 12th. 

A nursery is provided for infants-Preschool.


Also available:


Pastor Luke will begin a new year of DNA classes on January 12th. Christ Church DNA is a two-part class that begins in January. Each section is 13 weeks long. This class lays out the theology and of Christ Church in depth. Any adult is welcome to attend, and the class is required for those who want to pursue leadership at Christ Church. There are some assigned reading assignments after each class that will be provided for you. The class will be part lecture and part discussion. We would love for you to attend. Register Here





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