July Gathered Worship Details

Christ Church San Antonio's leadership has decided to offer two options for Sundays, July 12th through August 2nd.

Watch this video for the details:


9:00 AM Prayer and Communion Services held outside on the Great Hearts Northern Oaks soccer field. We need you to park in the West Parking lot. This lot is on the opposite side of the school where we typically park.

11 AM Corporate Worship Service will premiere on our Youtube Channel and available to watch on the main page of our website.

What you should know:

  • When you attend, you are expected to practice strict physical distancing. We ask that you NOT participate from the soccer field if you are unable to keep physically distanced. You are welcome to remain in your vehicle and watch our Youtube Live Stream of the Prayer & Communion Service.
  • Masks are encouraged but not required.
  • Go to the bathroom before you come. We have no access to bathroom facilities.
  • Please bring a lawn chair or a blanket. The field is clearly marked with flags, giving each person or family a 12 square foot area to worship within.
  • Communion elements are prepackaged and will only be touched by masked and gloved servers.
  • If you are HIGH RISK or in quarantine and still want to come but DO NOT want to get out of your vehicle, communion will be available for you. A masked and gloved communion server will give you the option to roll down your window to take the elements OR the server will place the communion elements on the outside of your vehicle. When the server moves away from your vehicle, and you may safely exit, you will be able to collect the elements and partake with the rest of the community from the safety of your vehicle. We plan to Live Stream this service via our Youtube channel, so tune in!

Please only plan to attend seated on the soccer field if you and your family are completely healthy and have not knowingly been exposed to COVID-19. Otherwise, we ask that you remain in your vehicle.

Last Updated Thursday, July 16th


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