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 Welcome to Christ Church San Antonio!

We meet for Worship Service

each Sunday at 10A.M. in the

Great Hearts Northern Oaks MPR.


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Christ Church San Antonio is part of the Presbyterian Church in America and the Acts 29 Network. We are a mid-sized church of 250-300 people. We welcome many new guests every week, and our members and regular attendees come from all over metro San Antonio. In the history of our church, our demographics have always been almost 50% children ages 0 – 18. We love our covenant kids! If you have young children, they are welcome in the service or can go make new friends and get their wiggles out in Christ Church Kids

WHEN YOU ARRIVE -  Turn into the Lower School parking lot and proceed to the entrance to the MPR. There are many signs directing you where to go. Park in any available space, and you will spot our greeter by the entrance ready to welcome you and help guide you to the worship space or to Christ Church Kids. Our Director of Children's Ministries, staff members, leaders, and many volunteers are available for any questions you have.  We do all we can to help you to feel comfortable and welcomed when you arrive at our worship site on Sunday morning!

WORSHIP - Our worship service is about seventy five minutes and consists of a simple liturgy and singing songs and hymns set to a contemporary style of music. We confess our faith using the ancient creeds of the church and confess our sin together as well. We pray for one another and celebrate the Lord's Supper every Sunday.

Sermons are "exegetical," which means they explain a passage from the Bible. They are not self-help or topical, but Biblical. Sermons are always presented in clear, easy-to-understand language, and show how every passage in the Bible points us to Christ. Belivers of all ages, new converts, and skeptics can all understand and apply sermon teaching.

AFTER WORSHIP - After service is over, you can plan on people staying around awhile to talk.  This is a great time to meet and get to know others in the church. We have many new people who are just arriving at Christ Church or are new to San Antonio. You may even get invited out to lunch or asked to meet up later in the week for coffee! Our Worship time begins at 10A.M.

You're welcome to check out our YouTube channel and get a glimpse of what Sunday morning is like at Christ Church. But don't stop there: watching church online is not a long-term alternative for being present with one another in worship.

We hope that you join us soon at Christ Church San Antonio and see how