Christ Church Kids is designed to minister to children of all ages! We look forward to coming alongside you to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are some ways we are currently ministering to our kids:



Designed for ages 6 weeks – 15 months. Children will be loved on and cared for in a safe environment while you are in service. We have two trained volunteers in this room at all times who have access to a variety of toys and baby necessities while serving. 


Toddlers through Preschool:

Designed for ages 16 months -5 years old (preschool). Children in each of these classes are loved on and cared for by one of our staff members as well as a trained volunteer. Children will play games, do a craft, sing songs and have a bible lesson while you are in service. 

Currently, our toddlers and preschoolers are going through Explore the Bible curriculum. 


Kid's Quest: Kindergarten-3rd grade:

Children will begin service with their family and be dismissed during greeting time. During the sermon, they will engage in a fun filled lesson that teaches them the fundamentals of their faith. The Kid's Quest curriculum is Explore the Bible. It's designed to engage our children in the Word of God through scripture reading, study and a variety of activities! Children will then rejoin their families in service for communion time. 


Parent's Night Out  

Once a quarter Christ Church San Antonio hosts Parent's Night Out, a ministry that provides parents childcare for 3 hours for a small fee. Watch our calendar for upcoming dates.


Summer Sports Camp

Each summer Christ Church offers a Sports Camp for children who have completed Kindergarten - 5th grade using basketball and volleyball to reach out to the community and share the love of Jesus.



Please exercise good judgment and love for your neighbor as you evaluate whether your child is healthy enough to be in the nursery. For the well being of all our children, we ask that children remain at home if they are exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Cold symptoms such as heavy coughing, excessive sneezing, yellowish discharge from the eyes or nose.

  • A temperature of 100.5 degrees or greater in the last 24 hours. 

  • Vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours. 

  • Questionable rashes.

If an adult in the nursery observes these or other symptoms of illness, parents may be called to remove their child.





If you would like to volunteer in our Christ Church Kids ministry, please fill out the forms below. These forms give Christ Church permission to run a background check. 

You may email the completed forms to or hand them to Cassie Elbel in person on Sunday. Once the background check and the Ministry Safe video are completed, Cassie will notify you and get you on the schedule. 

Thank you for volunteering and making Christ Church Kids a great place to be! 




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