Community Groups are groups that gather together for fellowship, support, service, and witness. They exist so we can live out God’s calling as his people. They are the spinal column of our church and the best way for you to get involved and get into relationships


The Five Practices that Sustain Community Groups

Gratitude - Our life together is a response to God’s gracious action in our life.  His love for us, seen most clearly in Jesus, compels us to live graciously with one another – even when it is difficult.   We forgive because we are forgiven.  We love because we are loved.  We know that God has called us together for our good and his glory and we choose to be thankful.   Community Groups practice gratitude.

Faithfulness - True community requires commitment. Community Groups cannot function with a consumer mentality. We are for one another at all times. This commitment flows from God’s faithfulness to us. Community Groups prioritize time spent together. Community Groups practice faithfulness. 

Truth - God’s word defines reality, the way things really are – the truth. Community Groups seek to live together by God’s priorities and to recognize how God is graciously at work in every situation. Community Groups speak the truth in love. Where there is sin, it is lovingly confronted. Encouragements are given without exaggeration. We refrain from manipulation or deceit through our words or actions. We don’t just focus on factual accuracy. We are also concerned with how we are understood by what we say or do. We believe that our ability to recognize and believe the grace and truth God has revealed is strengthened in community. Community Groups practice truthfulness.

Hospitality - Community Groups treasure God’s gracious salvation and his calling to this new way of life together. Community Groups are hospitable to one another, making room in their lives for the others in the group. They are generous with their time and resources, sharing with one another. Community Groups do not forget that they were at one time strangers to God and have been invited into relationship with God and his people. Rather than keeping this gift to themselves, Community Groups seek opportunities to invite others into the Community Group. At times, people who are not yet Christians will be invited into the group to experience the love of God through his people. At other times, Christians will be invited to join the group. In either case, the real challenge of inviting new people into comfortable relationships will be accepted as a response to God’s grace already received in Jesus. Community Groups practice hospitality.

Service - We do not look out only for our interests, but we look out for the interests of others. Community Groups are alert to opportunities to serve both those inside and those outside the Community Group. We intentionally look for opportunities to serve our neighbors and embrace these opportunities to display God’s grace to others and to have our own lives changed more into the image of Christ. 


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