What do we want to be known for?


At Christ Church San Antonio, we hold seven core values. These ideas are the heartbeat of our gospel-centered mission in San Antonio, and they inform everything we say and do. To know these priorities is to know us. 

The Gospel Changes Everything.

The gospel is "the power of God" (Romans 1:16), and it changes not only unbelievers but also believers. The gospel is the solution not just for our spiritual problems but also for our personal and societal issues. We are committed to bringing everything we do in line with the gospel and allowing the gospel to change the things we do.

Joyful Worship

Worship is at the core of who we are. Christ Church places a high value on worship, being both reverent and joyful.  To be joyful means we happily and genuinely worship God with all of who we are -- heart, soul, and mind.  To be reverent means, we come humbly and lovingly into the presence of God, in awe of his holiness and grandeur.  

Loving Community

The gospel completely transforms our relationships with one another. As a loving community, we are free to be vulnerable and authentic with our brokenness and sin, yet also hopeful that the gospel changes all of our relationships. The gospel both humbles us and assures us that we are loved and accepted. As a church, the gospel empowers us to live for others, not for ourselves.  We are a church for the unchurched, the burned-out, the skeptical, and the wayward. We welcome the lost and the hurting. 

Missional Living

The gospel is not just for Sunday morning but every moment of every day.  We believe in the priesthood of all believers, and we seek to equip our people to engage with the world around them at work, school, home, and in all of their places of influence.  The world's problems are only going to be made better by God's kingdom advancing: justice and mercy being lived out in the lives of individuals changed by grace. 

Commitment to Discipleship

We value intentional relationships and friendships that spur one another onward on the path of discipleship. The gospel allows us to both minister to others in the power of the Spirit and to receive ministry from others when we are in need. Through faith, we have the freedom and opportunity to encourage, rebuke, admonish, and help each other as we live life together. 

Partnership and Unity

We unite with other churches to celebrate what God is doing in our area and support the needs of our community. The gospel makes us one, and we celebrate the work God is doing wherever He is doing it.  We reject unnecessary division and seek to learn from different churches and traditions to demonstrate the reality of the gospel to the city.

Love for our Place

We love San Antonio and seek its welfare.  We promote the flourishing of our city. We value what is true, good, and beautiful in the culture and history of the area, and we lament what is bad.  We long to see our city's physical and spiritual needs met with the message of the gospel and through works of mercy and service.